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National Methane Roadmap Template

20 Nov 2023

CCAC Methane Roadmap Action Programme (M-RAP) supports countries to develop Methane Action Plans and implementation Roadmaps detailing their commitment to mitigate methane, and how this commitment will be achieved. The M-RAP acknowledges that countries are not at the same stage in their methane mitigation planning, and that there is not one way in which methane mitigation ambition, and planning can be communicated. Instead, the M-RAP aims to support countries in achieving the core building blocks of methane mitigation planning described in the Methane Roadmap Template.

The M-RAP National Roadmap Template is designed to provide general guidance on the content and structure for a National Methane Roadmap. The template is split into two sections: Section 1 includes introductory and background information on the national and international context of methane mitigation; Section 2 includes each of the five national planning building blocks in sequence. Each element includes a description of the purpose of the section, suggestions for important content and framing, links to useful resources and good practice examples to draw from. Countries are welcome to adjust the structure and content as needed to fit their specific needs, audiences, and national situations.

The M-RAP National Roadmap Template is a working document which will continue to be improved and refined based on feedback from users and as new resources and good practice examples are identified. If you would like to suggest changes or submit examples or resources, please send your contributions to nathan.borgford-parnell [at] (nathan[dot]borgford-parnell[at]un[dot]org).